Air Handling Units (Series: MZ)

Skiron’s wide variety of MZ is designed according to the needs for heating- cooling, ventilating of department stores and industrial buildings. It is proved that using air handling units demands the minimum possible energy, achieving the best comfort standards, purity of the air and ideal humidity in the space. Fabricated according to strict European expectations they fulfill every European model.

MZ’s Characteristics

Steel case
The body manufactured of aluminum profile type EN AW 6060 which is connected with a three-branch metallic corners. This way of construction with no solder the body demanded allows dismantling and reassembling that may be needed for air handling unit to be placed. Each part of the air handling unit has an independent frame of heavy construction and extremely precise, that allows absolute alignment among them. The side panels are materials like glass wool with density 50kg/m3 or three-component polyurethane 50mm thick. Electrostatic painted exterior taps are also offered. The electrostatic paint 70μ thick protects the air processing that takes place inside the air handling unit, from the sun, thus considered valuable. The taps are easily removed in order to help access for maintenance. Moreover a strong base is offered for the absolute alignment of the air handling unit. The base is fabricated from aluminum profile in order to achieve resistance and durability.
Fan section is composed of fan, motor, motor base and an independent frame that is placed through armored silent block. The gear ratio between fan and motor gives accuracy in adjustment at the desirable air provision and static pressure. The motion transmission is done through driving belts that vary not only in number but also in air ducts’ breadth depending on the function they service. The pulleys are stabilized at the transmission axle with a separate taper bush. The fans placed at the air handling units are of different types. Centrifugal of double suction with forward and backward blades (not overcharged type). The high quality rubber covered junction prevents any vibration. The fan is constructed from galvanized plate and its blades are dynamically and statically stabilized. The motor placed on a base that has glissade side supportings to help the exact regulation of the pulleys and easy maintenance. The motor with power over 7, 5 KW must be connected with special star-triangle connection in order to enable start. The motor is three-phase short-circuited runner with IP 55 protection.
Water coils
Water coils (COIL SECTION) work as air-water alternating-current generator moving energy from hot or cool water to the air processed at the air handling unit. They are manufactured from copper pipe with intersection 3/8 or 5/8 and blades’ distance 2 or 3mm depending on the desirable efficiency. Each section before used is tested on pressure of 400 psi. The frame of the section is fabricated from strong galvanized plate. In case that the air handling unit works for heating the air can pass through the bladed surface with speed up to 3,5m/s, at cooling or dehumidifying up to 2,0-2,5 m/s without a droplet separator and 3,0 m/s with, fabricated from PVC profile, while the aerodynamic resistance due to its sinusoidal shape can remove any droplet in the processed air with intersection bigger than 2μm. At this section a water or steam humidifier is also placed in order to add moisture in the air. This is achieved through a coppered hydraulic system ending to conic nozzles that are placed among the water elements and the necessary in this case droplet separator. In order to achieve dehumidifying a thermal element is added as the last phase of air process. Applying all this solution we can achieve standard moisture and temperature in the space.
Energy recovery
An air – air recuperator is transferring the energy that is contained to the ‘dirty’ air exhaust air to the fresh air that is supplying inside the building. This advantage has as a result a clean and healthy environment for the people inside the building with an impressive reduce of consumption of energy compared to the regular ventilation systems.
The recovery of the energy is achieved with the following systems:
-Air – Air plate heat exchanger with energy efficiency more than 50%.
-Rotary air – air heat exchanger with energy efficiency more than 90%.
The heat exchanger is circulated by small rated electrical motor.
All the heat exchangers are under the certification of “EUROVENT”.
Our range of products is produced in different sizes in order to cover the needs of each building and they include two centrifugal fans that are powered by one or three phase electrical motors that are transmitting the power by pulleys and belts. The static pressure of the fans is calculated in every different case in order to meet the standards of each building. In addition each product includes two different air filters category EU3 or better if its required. Filters are designed in order to be removed easily with their covers and handles. Structure is made of aluminum profile EN AW 6060 connected with 3 way corners. Covers are made of galvanized steel and are filled inside with insulation materials such us polyethylene and film with aluminum foil of thickness 10mm which produces a heat coefficient of 0,34 W/mk0 at 0 oc.
Filter section
Filter section contains category filters EU3-EU7. EU3 filters are placed in all cases. They are the first in the market withholding the coarsest speck of dust and particles. They are used mostly as prefilters in order to prolong life for filters of higher performance. They have the ability to withhold speck of dust, with diameter bigger than 5μm, fabricated of synthetic material washable and reusable. The air’s speed in the filter does not exceed 2,5m/s. In order to achieve better air purification a second phase of filtering is used, EU4 and EU5. At this point they withhold particles with diameter smaller than 1-4 μm and they are manufactured from synthetic material or fiberglass fibers (EU-5). For the most important air purification needs, third phase filters are placed in the air handling unit, the absolute filters EU6 and EU7. They are fabricated from fiberglass paper blades closely arranged (EU-6) or electrostatic filters (EU-7). In both cases particles withholding does not exceed in diameter 0,9μm. For your knowledge, we report that the first phase filters are placed at all circumstances. The second phase filters after demanding in houses, schools, restaurants, stores, industries etc. Third phase filters are placed wherever maximum air purification is demanded, as bottling industries, chemical laboratories and operating theatres.


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