Induction Units CI

(comfort inside)

During our stay in a hotel room or during our hospitalization, it is crucial to experience the absolute comfort conditions in the area.
SKIRON has exclusively designed the Comfort Inside series (CI) with silent operation, ideal temperature and humidity with integrated air quality control through a built-in ventilation system.
Compared to the previous design philosophy, our new series is ECO friendly as it operates without a fan, which results in a complete silent operation and electrical savings.
The water element is regulated by an analog diode valve, which maintains precisely a constant temperature in the room without fluctuations.
We also offer as an option a built in function for air humidification in order to achieve the highest comfort conditions.
CI units are also supplied with fresh pre-conditioned air, while “dirty” air is also exhausted from an independent point in the room.
With that way CI units ensure an ideal climate and excellent air quality.
With the use of Comfort Inside units, the highest energy savings are realized, since we achieve a 25% reduction in the consumption of the heat pump that raises an average COP of 3.7 to 5.0.


Industrial Area Nea Redestos, Thessaloniki