Skiron has the ability to undertake any project, always using certified studying and application procedures. Every magnificent achievement of the humanity comes through the conception and examination of the circumstances. Skiron’s group based on that criterion works in order to provide o formed application study, having the most advanced computer equipment, group of mechanical engineer and almost a century of experience.

Combined with respect for the needs of each application, a clean and healthy environment with stable temperature and humidity is accomplished.

Qualified technicians, constant awareness and modern equipment is what secures the quality of work and installation. Skiron using portable laboratory equipment is the first company is staying close to the client even after the sale providing support services. Our instant answers secures repair of any dysfunction at the minimum time.


Study of air-conditioning-ventilation-natural gas systems


Supply, construction and installation of complete systems


System efficiency certification


After sales support of installed systems


Complete design, construction and installation of spa, cold rooms, snow rooms and cooling / heated wave pools


TUV 9001 GR 20220322
TUV 9001 EN 20220322


Industrial Area Nea Redestos, Thessaloniki