Kitchen Systems

Filters for Professional Kitchens
When the ejected air from professional kitchens disturbs neighbors SKIRON’s cleaning machine comes up with the solution. Filters for professional kitchens keep fat, smoke and odors. The success percentage reaches up to 98%.

Parts of the filtering machinery:

-Part of metallic filter, keeping fat [category EU 5].

Washable with hot water and special cleaning products.

-Part of bagfilters [category EU 8].
Voluntary use and disposable.

-Part of electrostatic filter for keeping particles.
Cleaned with special products.

-Part of carbon filter effective to the odors.
When the carbon is considered ineffective, the content can be replaced [the carbon is offered in 25kg package].

-Part of centrifugal fan.
Double inlet with backwards curved blades. Their size varies in order to adjust to the system’s pressure needs. (hoods with filters, ducts).

Return Air Hood for double energy kitchen
Skiron has performed numerous applications for professional kitchens. The last proposition for exhausting odors keeping the space pressure in balance and providing fresh air through a double energy hood works in full success. Double energy hoods are used in restaurant kitchens achieving comfort for working people and energy saving. The fresh air provided constitutes the 60% of the exhausted air. The rest 40% is recommended to be supplied air-conditioned through an independent system.

1.Cooking machine surface

2.Emerging smoke and odors

3.Filter incorporated in the hood

4.Returning air ducts

5.Returning air fan or cleaning machine

6.Fresh air supply fan (outdoor environment)

7.Supplying air duct

8.Fresh air direct from the hood


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